A film by Anna Böhlmark


Nature´s great masterpiece is facing extinction due to human development. “Big Social Nomad” tells us the story about the asian elephant population. In a continent where human population has grown to extremes and development is exploding, India is the country housing half of the asian elephant population. However, in a country with 1,2 billion people, co-existing is not an easy task.

Due to the British colonisation vast tracks of land were converted into tea plantations. Today in these regions human-elephant conflict is severe. Due to human encroachment on forest lands, elephants are being squeezed further and further into their habitats.
Due to their size and their life patterns – as big social nomads – they eat and they move to let the forest regenerate. When passing from one forest to another they follow certain paths which they have used since millenia. These narrows strips, called corridors, are vital for elephants to pass from one forest to another. Same corridors are often occupied by people living on them.




Anna Böhlmark

Film Maker/ Journalist

Anand Kumar

CEO  Nature Conservation Foundation

Vivek Menon

CEO  Wildlife trust of India

Krupakar B S

Wildlife Photographer